While it may not function as the best desktop headset, the A38 succeeds as a phone and tablet-focused set of cans. Mobile Accessories by Jason Cipriani 4 days ago. The lack of a wired connection option and the ability to disable the noise canceling are notable omissions that the Plantronics BackBeat Pro offers, and the price tag is a bit high for what you get, but among on-ear wireless headphones the A38s are solid performers. If designing isn’t your bag, you can always select some from the pre-made, often game-related designs. This may sound gross, but in the end it’s often better to choose a darker color when face oil and sweat is involved.

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Headphones by Rick Broida Dec 18, For the gamer on the go, the Astro A38 is a powerful, petite set of cans — but if you’re planning on staying sedentary, upgrade to the extraordinary Astro A You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Astro A38 Bluetooth Headset. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Review by Alex Roth. They’re fairly comfortable once you adjust them — the arms extend approximately one inch on each side — but aren’t great for long-term listening.

The 50 Best iPad Games. There’s more to the tiny wireless astor than meets the eye.

Design Visually, the A38s are wireless, boom-microphone-free versions of Astro’s A30 wired gaming q38. If big cans that completely cover your ear are too clunky for you, take a look at the A38s. Headphones by David Carnoy Dec 17, The A38s sound very good on tracks with less blatantly punishing bass, with a very slightly sculpted sound that emphasizes the high-end a bit more than its modest reach into the low-end warrants. And it charges using the same micro USB cable most Android phones use.


Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Headset Review & Rating |

This is apparent in The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” and Aerosmith’s cover of “Helter Skelter,” both of which have shrill opening guitar riffs that verge on sounding too bright on the A38s.

The bass and drums in both songs are slightly muted, and Keith Richards’ vocals don’t stand in front of the mix nearly as much as Steve Tyler’s higher voice does, but all of the components are clearly there and no single aspect of either mix is given overwhelming presence that completely blots out other instruments.

The white A38’s tag features dark gray diagonal lines and a yellow rim and Astro logo, while the gray A38’s tag features dark gray geometric shapes and a blue rim and Astro logo. It astrl several days of use in a row before making it to the quarter-empty mark. A3 can jump to the next track by double-tapping the multi-function button, but the A38s otherwise offer no playback controls.

This may sound gross, but in the end it’s often better to choose a darker color when face oil and sweat is involved. Shipping a unit without atro a physical battery indicator is a real faux pas. When it comes to fit, the A38 practically floats on top of your head, despite being bulkier than most bluetooth headsets.


Cheapest Jaybird headphones may have everything you need. Headphones Astro A38 – headset. Bluetooth is capable of displaying battery information on your phone, though, so it’s not a total loss. Better than Black Friday: Only a handful of “gaming” headphones allow you to walk outside the house and not have onlookers peg you with a ’90s-era stereotype — nerd, dork, weirdo — s38 think you’re being ironic.

Astro Gaming is best known for gaming headsets, but its first serious foray into general-purpose headphones is a success. Audio System Additional Features.

Astro Gaming A38 Bluetooth Headset

Three buttons are built into the earcups themselves, starting with power, which is used to sync the A38s with other devices. Headphones Headphones Form Factor. Volume is the only toggle on the right earphone; the microphone mutes with the slide of a switch, just like an iPhone; and the power button is out of the way but can still be quickly found when you need it.

The biggest one is that no bluetooth connection is infallible—while getting the A38 to pair with z38 device is almost as easy as turning it on, maintaining the connection takes some thinking. The best travel gadgets and gear The best travel gadgets and gear by John Falcone. The right earcup holds a volume rocker on the back edge and zstro micro USB port on the asro edge for charging.

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