On CDs were Nero v6. Visit our network of sites: Notebook Time Asus M9V 1. The snafu continues to the third edition of the brochure. There are extra buttons flush along the front of the unit for OS-less CD playing.

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I really liked them all but I had to choose only one — the W3V, tried and tested but was getting to be quite mature, while bluetolth W6 was a wee bit underpowered without a dedicated gpu and costs a premium, so I decided the M9V would suit me better than the other two AND anything else out there.

Asus M9V Review (pics, specs)

The Asus brochure mentions its fighting weight as 1. The M9V is housed in a silver gray casing with silver trim all-around, chassis material seems similar to the W3 without the brushed aluminum lid.

Panzers and this machine handled them quite well. Ports galore on the right: Also it only seems like that since I took the notebook to a tropical country, back in cooler b,uetooth 20degrees Celsius it is not so bothersome. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, bluetpoth all content posted on this blueooth becomes a part of the community. Nevertheless heat starts to the right of the touchpad under the ALT key up to the rightside CTRL key and disappears under the arrow keys.

Processor and performance When I saw how this notebook opens windows in the shops against a W3V I was wowed, though I later saw a W3V puff-puffing fast enough to match.


Indicator lights are all blue which seems to be the rage these days with the exception of the battery charge indicator which is orange. However in mid-to-late OctoberAsus unleashed the M9V and the W6 and the two of them caught my eye, I heard about the W6 about a month before but the other model was a bit of an unknown.

Standard global warranty 24 months. Lbuetooth other thing is that this notebook is not widescreen, sure, widescreens are nice but not entirely necessary for me.

For the older 3DMarks03 overall score: I hope the copy-protection of the game has nothing against the DVD Super-multi.

Reaches the Windows desktop in 52 secs, shutsdown in 14secs. Asus seems to have eschewed the fashionable hinge and power button styling used on the W3, instead they used a more traditional looking hinge.

On CDs were Nero v6. So few mice using this technology. When I saw how this notebook opens windows in the shops against a W3V I was wowed, though I later saw a W3V puff-puffing fast enough to match. The salesguy did mention that there was a sort of film that could be placed on the screen to get the colorshine look. The screen is evenly illuminated all the way to the corners, good horizontal viewing angles, not much vertically, when tested with Dead Pixel buddy no dead pixels were seen.

The no-boot up CD playing could reach high volume.

Drivers for Bluetooth devices for Asus M9V laptops | Windows 10 x64

The speakers are the above the keyboard and as with most notebooks — minuscule bass. The snafu continues to the third edition of the brochure. While I have high hopes for a long battery life, but with specs like this and with a 6 cell mAh battery, its bound not to go beyond 3. The back from left-to-right: Still now in my hands its 1.


With two explorer windows, a download buetooth, notepad, 3 IE windows, Paintshop Pro and media player working at the same time. Months before I was looking for a non-glossy screened notebook with a GPU, not finding one I thought manufacturers would never come out with one so I gradually accepted that glossy screens would rule the world but Asus comes out with this. Unfortunately when I bought the retail version bluerooth Codename: The Asus M9v DD view larger image.

I originally thought it was — until the salesguy got it out of the box on display, it was wrapped in plastic, in other shops I bluetooty noticed that it was just matte. Panzers Phase One it would install but not run and I felt disappointed, so far going online and looking for a solution has left me blank.

I never thought that looking would take the better part of a year. When I felt the strain blueetooth grabbing and lifting a W3V one-handed from the lower right corner I knew then I was going for this notebook. But it seemed like a huge difference when actually lifting the units.

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