This lot includes 5 1,1 Macbook Pro 2. For parts or not working. September 27, at No software or playing with drivers will help. Other symptoms including “yellow squares” have been reported, but could be related to a Leopard install as opposed to the graphics card. Like re-applying thermal paste, this would decrease GPU temps and thus incidence of graphical anomalies and eventual lock-ups , but not eliminate the problem. As I have four other Macs, I just use the machine for a backup device.

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I’d like Apple to acknowledge this issue and offer customers with the faulty machook replacement logic boards, I’d expect Apple to recover this cost from ATI who manufactured the faulty hardware.

We both acknowledged the pitfalls of some failures with Apple’s Hardware Tests. Other laptops such as my friend’s Acer Aspire with the mobility X chip work flawlessly with the exact madbook drivers. I therefore had to pay an engineer to attempt to fix the system through a component level repair, which failed.

I have the same problems. That money is much more better spent on a new system, though. However I cannot watch videos in VLC or quick time, the screen saver looks very shaky.

After going to the Genius Bar, they told me it was definitely my Graphics card, and suggested I buy a new one for the small price of dollars, and they would install it for anotherbringing the price to a nice I hope that this post serves to raise awareness of the issue and prompts an appropriate response.


I have been using smcfancontrol for years, which does help significantly, but does not help when Macgook get both cores running full blast for more than 5 minutes in a row. As far as I know, the issue manifests itself only after several years of use, which is when warranty even AppleCare has radeonx16600 out.

Core 2 Duo 2. Why is this a bad thing?

MacBook Pro with ATI Radeon x Display Anomalies (by Can Musao─čullar─▒)

In one of the comments, an user said he removed all bundle named with “radeon” and then he had no more problems under Leopard, and seems ot work fine well too on Snow Leopard. At term temperature logs on my machine show no substantial changes in GPU temperature related to crashing. Don’t show this again.

Reinstallation will not reverse corrupted PRAM. Page 1 of 1 15 items. Up more than 30 days now. Another e-mail from MacFixIt user Mark confirms the maacbook This computer has the classic design that made this generation of MacBook Pro so iconic.

June 23, at I copied all the files listed just in case if i needed to restore it. Jan 15, 8: I also have agy same problem with my MacBook Pro. While using Safari, it started displaying diagonal lines of small squares or rectangles and had a kernel panic.


MacBook Pros with ATI Radeon X1600 graphics cards still experiencing issues

Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next. You will boot in safe user mode. Late model or early model everything Works excellent Just upgraded so don’t need this one any longer. I prefer living without ATI drivers to doing prolonged system maintenance every few days. What I can do though is use photoshop, write code, surf the web and have basic functionality that I need without the screen freezing or going blank.

I have never hesitated to recommend Apple products before, until now! I also tried booting a friend’s Macbook Pro into Avid and it “almost” worked, with the same problems this user reported video wouldn’t display in “play” mode, just a still frame. I can report that my NTSC Anything not shown in photos or listed above. One ding on the top see picture.

What does it store on the hard drive besides the kernel extension blobs and preferences in some form?

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