Yes, you can position the cursor very accurately. As an aside, mouse units are actually called “Mickey’s”, but I’m not sure what you’d called pen units. The tablet sends the pen or mouse a power pulse and then switches to receive mode, going through this cycle about once every 20 microseconds. As an example, setting the mouse to linear acceleration then launching Photoshop would cause the mouse to go back to being accelerated. Here are the details if you enjoy math. If you want real control nuances for computer artwork, you need a graphics tablet.

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Inside OK, so how does a mouse with nothing but a blank plastic panel on the bottom work? It’s just a USB input device, so you can plug and go. The 4×5 size of the pad might seem too small, but depending on what you intend to do with it, it may not be. Wacom have provided a good software and driver package with this tablet, and it’s an improvement of their older model. Downloads to the rescue. Calibrate your wacom graphire 1 so you can see 16 different shades: The red area shows where the selection edges were, and also where the selection has overlapped or missed the target of the petals.

And hey, it’s free. There’s one little two-colour LED to indicate power and when a button’s pressed on the pen or mouse, one pen holder clipped on the top, and one five by four inch well, actually more like five by three-and-eleven-sixteenths inch, or by 93mm rectangle that corresponds very accurately to the total actual useable pointing area. I downloaded the 4.


A four by five inch work area might suit painters of miniatures the little paintings, or the little wargame soldiersbut most people need a bit more space. You hold down the right mouse button or equivalent On the down side, the mouse’s alignment’s determined by the positioning of the tablet.

Still not a perfect selection, but far better than the mouse one. Wacom Asia-Pacific’s page for the Graphire. In Portrait mode, you turn the tablet 90 degrees, and the rectangle on the tablet still corresponds to the whole screen. They were hiding a limitation of the tablet.

Wacom Graphire graphics tablet

Plus, it fits perfectly in the space on my messy desk where the mouse pad used to be. Draw a fast circle and you get an octagon. Wacom’s spec of ” lines per inch” comes from the fact that the tablet sends numbers to the computer in a range from 0 to horizontally.

The Wacom driver software instantly cures the jumpy-pointer problem, and also sets the mouse to work in relative rather than absolute mode. Login Join for Free. You get the Wacom Graphire, that’s what.

Bigger tablets, obviously, make fine work easier. Wacom have provided a pen, pen holder and mouse with this Graphire2 tablet. Out with the screwdriver. Acceleration increases the absolute speed, but only when you’re moving the mouse quickly. The switch is easy to reach, without being placed so that you press it all the time by accident, but it still takes a little while to learn that the thing’s there and not grip the pen through it.


Wacom Graphire Review

Sensiva ‘s also available as a free download you can get a Mac or Linux version that wayand it works with a mouse as well as with a tablet.

Windows sees the Graphire as an ordinary USB input device and you don’t need to install any software, but in this default mode, both the mouse and the stylus uses absolute positioning.

If you need more accuracy, you can always zoom in. For my needs, the 4×5 tablet area is perfect. Tracing the outline of an object, freehand art or signing your name are all difficult with a mouse, but easy with a pen. Only occasionally you might need to get another grahire or brush.

Paint tools give you a thin line with little pressure and a full-pen-width one ggaphire you push harder; the eraser just slightly lightens things when you press lightly and erases them completely when you press harder; the smudge and rubber stamp and dodge and burn tools all do their thing more drastically when you press harder.

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