If your disk has damaged, The first to repair the disk partition, then it can recover data and files in the disk. File system:FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2ext3ext4 file system, HFS. File Format:Support most file formats contains more than 400 kinds of file extensions (about 225 files family). Multimedia: video audio picture formats, file extensions over 150. Office software: Microsoft Adobe OpenOffice, etc.

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LinkScanner Surf-Shield stops your business hitting infected or criminal sites, checks every web page just before you click through.

Online Shield checks files before you download them. Smal and middle sized businesses and organizations, that require straight forward PC network and online security solution, that won’t get in their way PianoCheetah is built to help you with piano 16 you know all digital pianos, synths, and drums talk to your PC.

You’ve heard of GuitarHero. This shows you similar notes – but all of them.

And it’ll wait for you – spoonfeeding you the notes and rhythms.

And you’ll actually learn to really play piano. Plus, it’s free. Shows rhythm, fingering, key signature, notes better than Synthesia, PianoBooster, etc. Shows standard notation and piano roll.


The piano roll notation is especially good. Players of digital pianos. Whether pro or amateur. Digital drum players, too. Determine the color code of a resistor and calculate resistors for LED circuits.

By using this resistor calculator it is very simple to determine the color code of a resistor based on the resistor value.

Of course, you can also provide a color code and the program will show you the resulting resistor value.

On the basis of the entered or calculated resistor value additionally the closest resistor within the E series as well as within the Renard numbers is displayed automatically.

As another feature the program can calculate the required resistor value for LED circuits (single LED, series connection and parallel connection) considering the supply voltage, the voltage drop across the LED(s) as well as the current of the LED(s). Features of Resistor Calculator at a glance: – Calculating the color code of a resistor value.

– Calculating the resistor value of a color code.

– Displaying the closest resistor of the E series and Renard numbers. – Resistor calculation for LED circuits (single, in series, parallel).

– Integrated help system. – Automatic program updates. – Multilingual (at the moment English and German). – Intuitive program interface.


– Free e-mail support in case of problems or questions. – All updates for free. It does not include only a simple resistor calor code picker, but it calculates also resistors for a various of LED circuits.

Additionally it tells you the next fitting resistor in the E series as well as within the Renard numbers.

All users that want to know the resistor value based on the color code or who wants to calculate the correct resistor for a LED circuit.

AZW to PDF Converter is a conversion tool supporting AZW, AZW3 and AZW4.

It can help you convert files from Kindle AZW to PDF conveniently. It’s a simple and powerful AZW Converter and designed to provide you with the easiest method to create your PDF eBooks.

After you convert files from AZW to PDF, you can read your ebooks on more equipment (eg: telephone, television).

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