It does look like the code is forcing the MPEG driver by mistake — oops. Added workaround for process hang with WDM drivers that need their video port pins rendered. DirectShow driver now supports the “set custom format” command. The Audio menu now has an option to replay the captured audio through your sound card. I don’t have a voodooTV. Hope this can help more.

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None of the other settings in that dialog work right now, btw.

ArKaos Users Forum • View topic – Please Help with WDM capture cards !! 🙁

I have a Pentium R P4 2. Note that this won’t help much if the capture hardware driver itself is storing unsafe settings. I’m curious if I’m just smoking crack here or if what I’ve done makes some sort of sense Sorry, no big overlay numbers showing the current channel.

I have an mkv file and i could not burn it on nero since nero does not see subject file. So please try to correct that or make a solution, i thing now its widely explained what happens, you should try that with one card of the above mentioned im using MSI Geforce FXVTDR, capturing nice atas if you correct that we will be able to use it, and won’t buy another card to make the same VirtualDub will attempt to load the last capture driver used whenever entering capture mode; this can be bypassed by holding down SHIFT.


You may also need to access the mixer still to adjust input volume levels on your sound card. Can’t wait to see that implemented! Capture audio from another device than im video capture device. Added workaround for process hang with WDM drivers that need their video port pins rendered.

ATI All-In-Wonder/VIVO WDM Driver 4.07/8.33 Windows XP x64

Nice to see the newer versions addressing this. Lorenzo – 14 09 05 – The game exits to the desktop immediately after launching, or may play for up to 15 minutes followed by a VPU Recover error message being displayed.

Fixed crash when exiting capture mode with video histogram enabled. By default VirtualDub will attempt to switch the audio source along with the video source; this can be disabled in Capture Settings.

VirtualDub released –

Fixed intermittent crash when audio resampling rate goes very high. Audio and video routing that was previously only accessible manually through the crossbars is now explicitly exposed and saved.

I have now successfully captured video in resolutions up to x, which wasn’t even possible with the VoodooTV. DirectShow driver did not stretch display window properly.

Multiple audio streams are supported in the AVI parsing layer but not in the engine, so I’ll need to do some work before you can select multiple sources. The capture engine does more internal checks so that several actions that would previously cause a crash are now safe.


Radeon All-In-Wonder and VirtualDub – I got it to work.

Please can u tell me what to do to have this problem resolved. Maybe it’s not supposed to? Now I tried to save this file as AVI. Whether I had certain settings configured wrong or maybe problems with my operating system,I dont know. Please add support for VBR files.

Luke – 11 01 05 – Zanth – 17 01 05 – An authentication dialog may appear when you click Post Comment. I don’t think it’s a bug anyway ; It’s the first version i try since 1. Any ideas on why the files are not continuing to segment after the fourth one? Sorry, internal interfaces are still in flux. If I try to directstream both audio and video, the audio will be broken in that file too I tried to open it with version 1.

Yup, that was wmd clue to resolving the issue.

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