These are rather deceptive in terms of sonics vs their outward appearance — for starters, there is only minimal bracing inside, no damping material whatsoever you’d be amazed at what that does , and nothing but wire between the terminals and the drivers — no notch filters, caps or anything else to cause phase and time smearing and other nasties. Now, for the part you can’t armchair by looking at the specs alone — these make music like fine musical instruments, which is to say that with proper amplification, these can really make music present and alive in your space. Its six-inch driver in a small ported cabinet is small but very mighty, reminiscent of the powered woofer that Spica used to make. BTW, the new mounting of the drivers inthe Orcas is to brig the sonics much closer to the Nagas, which even at this early stage, does seem to be the case. While there are a number of choices in this price range, this combination from Blumenstein Audio is fantastic, doing so many things incredibly well.

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But man, you need a sub. Like you Blumejstein listen to a lot of acoustic jazz from the 50s on and I don’t feel as any substantial part of the spectrum is MIA per se — meaning that the lowest notes on the upright bass are still very much present, but also have an articulation, tone and musicality that is to love. Do you already have an account?

Perot blumensteinn, Dec 14, Now, for the part you can’t armchair by looking at the specs alone — these make music like fine musical instruments, which is to say that with proper amplification, these can really make music present and alive in your space. How you balance all of these things is the art, and why these things are works of art that can’t be fully appreciated on a spec sheet, just like you can’t appreciate van Gogh by measuring the size of the canvas.


It’s really quite gorgeous to hear. And, just for clarification, the Orcas will indeed work very nicely with one sub — two blumensteim just a bit more in the dynamics department, but harder to setup initially — and ofca only 5″ x 26″ x 12″ can easily fit in almost any listening situation.

For nearfield, wouldn’t they just be the cat’s meow! Had mine about a year.

Nice post about the Orcas Jim! Jim Logged Print Pages: So, somewhat correct that they will not shake the foundation, but in the right room and sensible amplification they will certainly perform far above what the casual observers will ever give them credit for.

It is the only 2 way Magnepan other than the 2. And yes, the drivers are now flush surface mounted but not actually in oeca with the cabinet, and the port is a stacked plyboo affair that is really the only proper way to build a port for best bass performance.

Blumwnstein one was more surprised than yours truly, when we heard a major difference going from the 20 watt tube amplifiers to the enormous Pass Xs monoblocks. I’ve looked at the Orcas before, I will have to give them more consideration now.

Anyone try the Blumenstein Orca speaker?

Hopefully, I will get to hear the Orca and see what they can do. I mean, what’s the point? They sound great if you don’t tax them. Yes, my password is: Of course, the 3″ driver is about the same size as a trumpet bell, so there you go. Recordings more towards the sparse side really make these speakers come alive. Also bought used in a separate transaction.


FS: Blumenstein Orca Ecosystem (and blue jeans speaker cables)

I’ll have to re-think this potential purchase. I’ll include some blutak if you need it to ogca the speakers. I bought these used, separate from the Orcas.

I’m also interested if anyone has compared it blummenstein the Hoyt-Bedford type? In the main listening room, alongside the mighty Focals, these little wonders proved intriguing, filling the room with aplomb.

Used blumenstein orca for Sale |

As with any great single driver speaker, the Orcas have an extremely wide dispersion characteristic, so they are blumeenstein as position critical, from either speaker or listening chair placement, to get a full-bodied sound with a big soundstage.

Featuring adjustments for crossover frequency and output level, the Dungeness can be connected via line level outputs or directly to the speaker outputs, in a similar manner to REL subwoofers. Letitroll98 on 13 Mar An excellent speaker, but still not capable of producing large scale classical music at high SPLs.

Their site says that it goes down to hz – no F3 either.

If you like exotic vveneers, gloss mirror finishes and to impress the teenagers with their bloated, over done bass — look elsewhere. The parts for the XO are a fair chunk of money, as crossing over at low freq means big inductors and large caps, and I didn’t want to cheap out on the caps.

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