Tonitruum mag- num fuit et incendia multa fecit. They contain real plurals, like afaleu, cneu, gwial, etc. To footnote on p. The clefeat of Gruffydd ab Llewelyn by Harold, the son of Godwine, led to a great extension westwards of the liinits of England. This we have represented by the character ” z”. It is to Edward’s credit as a far-sighted statesman that he did what he could to establish local self-government in his new possession.

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Selyf sarffgadau ap Cynan Garwyn, whose genealogy is given in No. Detho i is used at Neath ; ib. This we have represented by the character ” z”. His object is to trace the principles of itsgrowlh ; and its dialectal forms, which manifest such principles unrestrained by arti- REYIEWS.


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M, na wanay tyst. A lan- guage was to him a fixed quantity, erystalline, or at least having no principle of vital growth. Pagenote 1, for ” “, read ” “. Facsimile of the ” Black Book of Carraarthen. On the approach of winter, the farmer returned with his family and stock to his Hendre, or old abode.

cerio uw200n

I ; gnayth, p. Allowance must of course be made for such mistakes as are naturally incident to the transcription of pedigrees written in narrow columns of a name to a line ; the most im- portant of which are 1 the freqnent omission of names, and 2 the occasional repetition of the xerio map, ” son”, where it ought not to be repeated, by which means a man’s epithet is wrongly made to appear as though it were the name of his father, whilst his real father is put back one generation.


In the Histoi’ia, miumanton for inirmanton the reading of Caligula A. The members were the greatest signories in Glamorgan next to the shire-fee, and were twelve in number: Evans’s most interesting remark is: The earliest reliable examples of theiu which I know of are ‘roem oeddem uw-200npro, Gann. This gave a sort of ceiro of organisation to the three ancient shires of Gwynedd ; but in each county a separate staff of officers was also established.

This is Clydwyn, the son of Brychan Brycheiniog, whose reputed conquest of Demetia has caused him to to be foisted into this Demetian pedigree. They alone were able to set some limits uw-200h-pro the Marchers’ yoke, and keep in South Wales a region that, to the last, paid allegiance to the native princes of the Cymry.

Places have such names as Y Fedw, the birch tree ; Derwen, oak, etc. Ystrad Tywi is meant. The districts more immecliately subject to Llewelyn were divided into three shires — Carnarvonshire, Merionethshire, ancl the county of Anglesey.

Sir John diedaged 73, consequently he was not very far removed from Owen Glyndwr; nor was he very distant from his editor, Barrington, who published Sir John’s history in ; but by the latter date a ehange had come over the scene, for Barrington, in a ibot-note to the above quotation, says: This element appears in the Cunatami of an Irish inscription Zeuss, p. Another animal that once inhabited the secluded valleys of Wales was the beaver.

Both Annales and Genealogies, in their prcsent form, show marks of having been composed in the last half of the tenth century. Pro- bably these forms were pronounced dewant, dewei. Oxford,I found at least 39 times ymchoelut, -yt Infin. This Welsh sentence means: The verbs dywedyd and ynich- welyd in Middle-Welsh ending in -utwhich occur so very frequently, were the models of these neo-formations.


The evidence of place-names, as to the state of the country in days gone by, is most valuable and trustworthy. From his time onwards the fortunes of Glamorgan almost eonstantly fol- lowed those of the great Gloucester earldom, which in the thirteenth century, under the Clares, becanie the most famous 1 There is a long account of Pembroke’shire in 1 in MS.

I have found doethast, Eev. Amdenyw is evidently an imitation of deryw, etc. See facsiinile opposite p. Having given an ferio of the conquest and the parties to it, of which a brief summary has been given above, and the changes introduced in the old Welsh laws and customs by the Normans, uw-200n-prp proceeds to treat of the Glamorgan of his own day, his description of which, particular as it is, will be read with the greatest interest. Doubtless the word is an epithet ; and the other two words might mean ” to the Mediterranean literally, ‘the middle’ sea.

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