This chip behaves differently from the other chips in that a disabled bit is 1, not 0. So that’s about as far as I can take this testing for now. It also doesn’t pessimize the code unduly for other architectures. A newer compiler gcc It is hopefully slightly less unreadable. It was tested on ES as well as generic Intel 8x Xeon system. The effect is that if a dnotify is set against the autofs root, when the autofs daemon creates the directory, a dnotify event will be sent to the originating process.

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Both he and me lack time to cevice sit together and work out the exact details or a proper way to merge. Now I’m changing it back to 32 so our app can work.

I trust you won’t mind me changing your suggested fix slightly. Virtual fbdev updates From: SMT niceness handling From: The ioctl returns the actual versions in the same struct. I found that my card has a signature 0x52 0x49 that was not recognized by the driver.

We don’t care about the page state at this point – we’re only interested in the inode. 425 importantly, this also allows us to empty the kernel stack when starting userspace programs from kernelspace, thereby ensuring that xevice user registers always appear at the top of the kernel stack.


If ok, please apply. No need for that: Support for additional sysfs class device attributes has been added: PortID binding fixes Fix problem where port ID binding would not be honoured when a device was moved within the dsc.

The patch changes smpboot. It should just be deleted.

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Add support to the kernel unwinder for the “. More refactoring of the enumeration code paths: I’ve basically tried to copy what stv does, which may or may not have been a good idea in particular see the comment above the disconnect function. If the garbage interpreted csd i-node number is not set to zero does it have to be?

This is a no-functionality patch which also adds more comments to explain these functions. If asked to load TSO firmware onjust return success. This patch adds it. It also beautifies some ugly return statements. This was to prevent bogus readahead triggering when we step into the last page of 425 current window.

Also a missing magic missed by previous patches is killed.

long-format changelog []

If the pointer should be at the start of the second page, it is currently put past the end of the first page. More chip reset tweaks. Take the lock after comparing the parent and hash to preserve the mostly-lockless behaviour.


This puts it in the same place as the other USB devices and makes clear which driver is responsible for these devices. Additionally, this patch corrects 3 warnings in the TCP layer uncovered by this change. Funny you should ask Applies against your BK of last night Part of the motivation for moving the spinlocks and rwlocks out of line was that I needed to add code to the slow paths to yield the processor to the hypervisor on systems with shared processors.

John Hawkes The following brings up performance on a way Altix.

And we are again tagging swapcache pages as dirty in their radix tree, which is a requirement if we later wish to 423 swapcache writearound based on tagged radix-tree walks. Firmware dump fixes ISP dump routine fixes: At that point the kernel thinks it has taken an unknown exception and panics.

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