Upon further investigation it turns out this is in fact a ground node, and you can achieve this effect by connecting the wire from the EEPROM to any ground [that is for you non-engineers, anyplace that is connected to the “-” terminal of the board containing the red LED lights] Depending on the thickness of your wire, it may or may not fit snugly into the holes–try to find some that fits snugly, bend it so that it will not be knocked loose while putting the case back on the: If you can do the “Neuter” procedure above, you can certainly perform this one too–but if you go this route, the “Neuter” will not even be necessary because the: The devices allow the user to swipe in the bar codes on books, product packaging, magazines, catalogs, coupons and ads to be taken to a Web site related to the product swiping a book ISBN may take you to Amazon. If you doubt an ulterior motive to the barcode scanner, see these excerpts from the company’s other site which has since been taken down [pointed to the Cuecat site], for probably obvious reasons , DigitalDemographics: I have received a report of the “neuter” procedure causing the: While the board layouts may differ, the hole connected to R29 seems to always give the proper results. Cat I already neutered to remove the serial number.

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Cat, and glue the wire securely so that it can’t come loose and short out other things. Attach a carbon mic and clip it to your bird feeder: Rather mysterious to be getting different results from scanning the same barcode.

CueCat driver for the Linux kernel

As pinux, each scanner contains a unique serial number or GUID, contained linjx a programmable linx within the device. You may want to check out another page, ” Getting your CueCat declawed “, especially if your board looks different from the one above. Cat as a normal unencrypted barcode reader without any special software at all!


In case anyone is wondering, this particular barcode is from a pack of CD-Rs that just happened to be within arm’s reach of my computer: Each of these is of course a different swipe Patches available for the following linux kernel versions: The company responded by firing off loads of cease-and-desist lawyer letters warning Linux developers that Bad Things would happen if they didn’t take down all their software right away. The intent of the manufacturer is that companies will pay to license the ability to create barcodes in the: What I’m trying to say is that the CueCat driver is now linud abandonware, and anyone willing to pick it up, update it, rewrite it, maintain it or do whatever else he wants with the code is more than welcome to do so.

First, let’s start with a little background: Get alternative interface software for your: Don’t let that stereo plug fool you though–it is a mono cable, with only liux conductors all the way down the wire.

The program can run different programs based on different types of barcodes read, or the particular reader vuecat has been used to read a barcode. I don’t claim any credit for this; I just found a detailed explanation of Jeff Dobkin’s discovery and decided to try it out myself.

We can do anything we want to with it. The standard privacy warnings apply and then some!

[ubuntu] opensource Cuecat?

For those unfamiliar with pin numberings, see the diagram below. As you may Cuecst know, each of these devices contains with it a potential privacy hazard–a Globally Unique Identifier GUIDa “secret code” that is assigned to each scanner when it is produced, that can be used by the parent company to tell your scanner apart from any other, and, in theory, to track your personal scanning, buying, reading and yes, even TV-viewing linjx, and tie this information to a profile on you based on your scanner’s GUID.


Someone I know is harvesting LEDs and photodiodes out of them for a top-secret freespace optics project. Yes, I cut it open and checked, because a stereo cable would be really nice. Q software, with the difference that you can choose which sites CueAct should point you to for which barcodes.

Cat’s encryption right on the board! I have received a report of the “neuter” procedure causing the: In fact, it is in theory possible to tie each scanner from the factory to an actual name and address in meatspace: For reference, here are some sample scans using cat.

You’ll note that there are a number of these useless-looking holes all lined up in a pretty row, you ask, “so what do the REST of them do?

Basically, with the new input API in 2.

CueCat driver for Linux

You may be able to use the: For example, if you swipe the barcode on a book, it’ll point you to an online bookseller. As long as your: You can’t turn them into clock-radios or anything like that, but they’re still useful for cataloguing your CDs, library checkout, inventory, point of sale ZIP it stopped working. To this end, the company has been constantly expanding and re-wording the License Agreement bundled with the device.

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