Don’t know if MacGuffin is still around or not And very quickly, at that. I was also hoping that they might be able to provide a specific diagnostic software for the brand in order to test the driver before endeavouring any further. I’ll try detecting the hard drive from Safe mode, as Caliban suggested. I do a lot of commuting between Sheffield and London to record with my band. MacGuffin , Mar 23, Out of the box it looks excellent in that it it is small.

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You could always try plugging the external into another machine to verify. This little baby is the perfect solution. Apparently there aren’t any issue with the freecoj needing updating etc. Currently there is no way to fix this type of firmware corruption at home.

Go into Computer, right-click the C: If one of the disk modules becomes corrupted the whole hard disk micro-operating system can’t boot up, the drive cannot initialise correctly and thus stops working. Maybe some 3rd-party software is preventing Windows from seeing the drive.

I was also hoping that they might be able to provide a specific diagnostic software for the brand in order to test the driver before endeavouring any further. If you attempt to boot up from such a Samsung hard drive or read any data from it you would get “Disk boot failure. We don’t know when freecm if this item will be back in stock.


There does not appear to be anything wrong with the hard drive itself, though who knows? And as last resort would there be a data recovery company authorised by Freecom?

Sorry, sach2 – didn’t see you there! Good grief, have I really had this 10 years? Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Even though it gets left on freecom ages it doesn’t get hot, it does get quite noticably warm, but never hot.

Sometimes linux will read files where Windows won’t.

Freecom gb External Hard Drive | eBay

I just visited the Freecom website and there are firmware updates available – what’s the modeletc. See all 21 reviews.

It is, of course, advisable to have an anti-virus package with any back up hard drive, as this protects your computer as well as copied files against any potential virus threats. Don’t know if MacGuffin is still around or not See our Returns Policy.

Freecom 400GB HDD will not appear

One other thing you might try just in case this is a Windows issue is to boot to a live Linux environment, see if you can pull the data from the drive frecom way. Since earlier this evening, my Freecom GB external hard drive bought in will not appear in my list of hard drives, so I cannot access the very important files I have saved there. My case failed just out of the warranty period about 1 year then my replacement case failed in about the same time.


At the moment I feel like you did “guess I have learned my lesson – keep important files online, and just use the external hard drives for downloads”. I don’t see it anywhere in 40gb Management’ either i. The drive makes it really easy to swap big files between computers and it even works reasonably quickly via a USB 1 card, although USB 2 is obviously the prefered connection. Running the utilities will just put unecessary stress on the HD.

But only for a while. Greetings, MrWriter, and welcome to MajorGeeks Stylish and cost-effective external hard drive solution. I’m not very PC-literate so I don’t know the benefits of different formating systems, but I have had no issues at all – my average project file is under 2 gig. There are two handy bits of software: Delivery and Frewcom see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item?

I am running Windows XP and the Freecom unit has always worked fine until now.

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