The older model AirPort Express You’ll have to press a button on the remote again when you start EyeTV again the next time. Jul 1, This tells the receiver to listen for sync message from your remote control. Send a private message to Mark Fassett.

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The maximum possible distance between receiver and remote depends on the strength of the signal keypsan the quality of the receiver and is usually a few meters. For Mac OS X These drivers will be released in beta form. Please note that this driver is in beta form. Is an important specification missing?

To isolate your presentation file as a source of the problem, create a new blank presentation with several screens. On the remote control, start moving the mouse control button. Quickly press the Composite Switch in and out.

Keyspan Server Vista 32bit remotte posted. If the problem persists, you have a different problem – please contact Keyspan tech support.

Fewer buttons make it easier to control your PowerPoint presentation. USAWG drivers available again. How far can I be from the my computer when using the Presentation Remote?


This is required by the USB specification. No second action is mapped to the Hold-state of the “Left”-button.

Hardware | Remote Buddy | Products

If you don’t need mouse keydpan, choose the PR-EZ1 because it is entirely button based. To allow access to more than 5 actions, Remote Buddy adds the ability to map additional actions for specific combinations of buttons. VoIP Phone Our 1. What do you do if you receive a call while you’re listening to music?

Keyspan Express Remote

Remote Buddy uses its own drivers and does not depend on or use Keyspan’s drivers. Instead, this remote has a MODE button that gives each button a different purpose depending on which mode you are in Presentation mode or Media mode.

The six rdmote important buttons All core functions of Remote Buddy can be keyspa with a set of just 6 buttons. Due to their position, however, we can’t recommend this remote for navigation in menus.

It possible that it appeared and disappeared without your noticing.

Keyspan by Tripp Lite Presentation Wireless Remote Control, Silver, 60-ft. Range

You should ‘feel’ a button being pressed. Jun 30, 4: The following table shows you which buttons on your remote control are this core set. You can control Remote Buddy with your iPod touch using a companion app.


You might check with Keyspan. Your receiver is now in pairing mode.

What does this mean? The second most common thing is that the reset button is not kehspan. These IDs are selected randomly when you reset the Presentation Remote control by pressing the Composite Switch and Mode button simultaneously.

The remote supports low battery detection and sends its ID in the range of along with every button press. The description reads “4 USB 2. On your remote control, press the white triangular mode button. Dec 10, 9:

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