In Table 2, wild type P. Compound activity against P. Herein, we created a next generation tetrahydroquinolone that we found to be an anti- apicomplexan, mature, lead compound. In another embodiment, the THQ compound may be primaquine, a compound that has a similar effect when metabolized and is ineffective against T. The monocyclic heteroaryl can be a 5 or 6 membered ring. The title compound was isolated with its regiomer and seperation was not achieved and so was carried forwards as a mixture 1.

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Data was collected using Gen5 software and analyzed with Excel. Our work reported herein not only provides new and important insights gsx-e601 the biology of T. MJM is a potent inhibitor of T. To give the title compound an orange powder 80 mg, 0. In some embodiments, X 5 is C. We present new 4- lH – quinolone scaffolds that target the Qj site of cytochrome bcl in apicomplexan parasites. Improved medicines are needed urgently. Red and green colors were used to represent up- and down- regulated genes, cell line used is indicated on bottom b-d.

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In some embodiments, the compounds are of R 4 is hydrogen or Ci- 3 alkyl. P-values derived from analysis were -loglO transformed and presented as a heat map. The cells utilized for T. Staining was used to determine the numbers of cysts in cultures without and with treatment with the test compounds. Shown is a representative isobologram for each combination of compounds. Decylubiquinol was produced as per Fisher et al. Synthesis of 2-methyl 4-phenoxyphenyl ethoxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinoline 10 2-Methyliodoethoxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinoline 8, 0.


In some embodiments, the pharmaceutical composition is a combination comprising a compound of Formula Itafenoquine and a pharmaceutically acceptable diluent, excipient, or carrier.

A yeast MQ substitution within the Qi site displayed resistance to ELQ inhibition further confirming that this to be the target site In one exemplary embodiment, infection is in the subject’s brain or other neurologic tissue. Mutant G33V did not confirm prediction of a steric clash, f. The resulting redish brown solid was then recrystallized in ethyl acetate.

In another aspect the present invention provides methods of identifying compounds for treating an apicomplexan parasitic infection, comprising contacting one or more test compounds to the cell line of any embodiment or combination of embodiments of the invention, wherein those positive test compounds that reduce bradyzoite cyst amounts in the cell line are candidates to treat an apicomplexan parasitic infection.

The title compound was isolated as colourless solid 13 mg, 0. These assays were performed using standard protocols. This embodiment is based on the observation that this conditional knockout RPS13 delta parasite when it is in its arrested in Gl state is not susceptible to the effect of any inhibitors that effect processes essential to the tachyzoite or bradyzoite form including those tested in vitro so far.


These assays were performed as described. We tested them in vitro and in vivo as we have described. To give the title compound as colourless solid mg, 3.

The 6 membered ring consists of three double bonds and one, two, three or four nitrogen atoms. Thus, in one embodiment, the apicomplexan parasite is selected from the gsa-e6011 consisting of Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Cryptosporidium, gsa-d601 Isospora. The transcriptomic studies with this EGS isolate have provided critical insights into host cell mechanisms that are a prominent part of the ability of the encysted parasite to persist in this unbeatable life cycle stage, and biologic consequences of such persistent infection.

The change in level from control that correlates with T.

Parasitemia was measured after days of IVIS imaging. As described in the examples that follow, the EGS strain was extensively characterized in vitro to show that true cysts develop, making the EGS strain especially useful for drug development. If there were fewer than four parasites visible in a cluster, the organisms were counted individually as “small organisms”. This page is currently only available in English. Binding assays and co crystallography.

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