Overall These are all good products. Like other laptop keyboards, the Ortek has a “Fn” key that lets you access keypad functions – you read the fronts of the keys to see what keypad key they emulate. Add cable, indicator LEDs in the middle, the usual little flip-down stand on the underside, and you’re pretty much done. Back to home page Return to top. Their product page is here.

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Let’s start with the mouse. Sell one like this.

The Zippy’s keyboard feels nicer than the Ortek ‘boards; there’s more key travel, and the ‘board itself has a slight horizontal convex curve that makes it a bit more comfortable to type on. For controlling business presentations or DVD player software, though, it’s fine.

If it doesn’t, nothing should happen. But this one, at least, has no obvious traps. As is the Zippy Technology keyboard, if cable-free operation matters to you.

Ortek MCK-800 MultiMedia Internet Keyboard

Ortek make various not-particularly-notable keyboards. Windows won’t do that, and there are various other, safer ways to access the shutdown procedure, anyway.

But if you’re hammering away at your keyboard all day, you’ll probably prefer something a bit more solid. Like other laptop keyboards, the Ortek has a “Fn” key that lets you access keypad functions – you read the fronts of the keys klvye see what keypad key they emulate.


Install the support software for the mouse you can get the latest version from the download page hereand you can do fancier things in Windows 95, 98,NT4 and ME, binding buttons to different Windows-y functions, and setting the second wheel to scroll sideways, or zoom in applications that support it.

Adesso MCK800 Wired Keyboard

Press Power and, unless you’ve got applications with unsaved data, your ATX-compliant Klavyye turns itself off quick smart. If you press the Sleep key by accident, tough luck.

The MCK’s not meant to be a general purpose keyboard, of course. Start of add mckk list layer. And it’s got Windows keys as well, crowding up the bottom row and bringing the total proper-keys count to This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

Not many people can spend that long in their easy chair. Their product page is here. The IR runs from four included AA cells, which mount in this neat in-line bay, in between the keyboard’s fixed rubber-based back feet. The little Ortek keyboards have more specialised appeal. But it feels like typing on a piece of stale cheddar.

Well, it probably does; some PCs will try to go into Hibernate mode instead, I think. They’re not the smooth-turning no-detent wheels that some Taiwanese mouses have, klavyd the earlier, cordless, A4 product I review here.

There are volume up, volume down and mute keys. That means it needs line of sight between the two transmitter LEDs under the dark plastic cover on the back of the keyboard and its receiver unit – but, like many remote controls, it’s not very touchy about ,lavye of the two components, as long as they’re not too far apart.


The rear wheel’s just a wheel; you can’t click it down. Or it may go to standby, wake up klavhe you want it to, then hang. And you can’t beat that price.

Adesso MCK Wired Keyboard | eBay

As with various other “couch keyboards”, this one includes a mouse function as well. A game of Tribes 2 in which you’re just about to break a nil-all flag-capture deadlock in the last fifteen seconds of a two hour round does not mmck as “an application with unsaved data”, in case you were wondering. Hibernate is like standby, only more likely to go wrong. As it is, it’s great if you need it and lousy if you don’t. If you just plug the GreatEYE mouse in and start using it, it behaves as a normal three-button wheelie-mouse.

I’ll get to them in a moment.

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